Board & Staff

Jeffery A. Westlund


"As board president and a father of a child at the Soaring Eagle Center, I am at the SEC Day Program almost every day. When I walk into the center I always hear laughter. I notice friendships developing, and I see valued members of our community enjoying life together. What a joy to see a vibrant group of adults laughing, sharing, playing, working, growing, and exploring our community together. That thrills my heart!"

Dalia Zuniga-Lettieri

Vice President


Haleigh Pille-Nix


Haleigh Pille-Nix

Tony Aviles



Gary Bradshaw

Member of Fundraising Committee


Marilyn Burns

Board Member


Michele Thomas

Executive Director

"I serve people at the Soaring Eagle Center to fulfill my calling to, "Open my mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." Proverbs 31:9"

Myrle Westlund

Founder, CFO

"The Soaring Eagle Center is the passion of my life after Jesus and my family. God has been faithful to grow our programs and use us to meet the needs of many families in southern Dallas and northern Ellis counties for the past fourteen years. My favorite part of all that we do is the community we are building between our adults and their families. When I am at the day program and I hear the laughter, talking, and fun our adults are having, my heart overflows with gratitude for all that God has done."

Roxana West

Director of Providership


Noah Thomas

Marketing Manager

"I am a recent addition to the SEC family, but I absolutely love the mission of the organization. I really enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of the adults we support!"

Semper Thomas


"Working at the SEC is such a privilege! I enjoy hanging out with the associates and getting to provide for them. There is so much to learn about life and I'm delighted to be learning from these individuals!"

Brenda Gaines


"I have been with the Soaring Eagle Organization since my son started playing basketball with their Special Olympics team in 2001. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to get to work at the SEC, with the wonderful staff. I especially love the fact that I get to work with such an amazing group of young adults."

Birgit Lane


I enjoy seeing the young adults laughing and smiling as they participate in the many activities offered through the Soaring Eagle center. I enjoy the daily interactions with students and teachers. I feel appreciated for the work I do. I am comfortable and feel that my work matters!

Deidre Pope



Linda Smith


"What I love most about my job is interacting with the adults. They are so much fun!"

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