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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Thomas, Michele.jpg

Michele Thomas

Executive Director

West, Roxana.jpg

Roxana West

Director of Provider Services

Williams, Kasani.jpg

Kasani Williams

Accountant/Admin. Assistant

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Smith, Linda.jpg

Linda Smith


Diallo, Gabrielle_edited.jpg

Gabrielle Diallo

Case Manager

Day Program Teachers

Martin, Alayna_edited.jpg

Alayna Martin

Team Leader

Pope, Dierdre.jpg

Deirdre Pope

Hayes, Debbie.jpg

Debbie Hayes

Joe, Kimisha.jpg

Kimisha Joe


Phenis, Shirley_edited.jpg

Shirley Phenis

Gaines, Brenda.jpg

Brenda Gaines

Fabulous Friends
(Eagle's Nest)

Hale, Sarah_edited.jpg

Sarah Hale

Lansdell, Mary_edited.jpg

Mary Lansdell

Taylor, Amanda_edited.jpg

Amanda Taylor

I serve the Soaring Eagle Center because its my way of saving the community and ensuring individuals with disabilities have services and support.
The most enjoyable part of serving here is helping each family and contributing to a larger purpose.

Roxanna West

Board of Directors

Westlund, Jeff.jpg

Jeff Westlund


Aviles, Tony.jpg

Tony Aviles


Benton, Felecia.jpg

Andrea Henderson


Henderson, Andrea.jpg

Feleceia Wilson

Prentiss, Donald.jpg

Donald Prentiss

Lopez, Emilio.jpg

Emilio Lopez

Meiners, Gina_edited.jpg

Gina Meiners

Brandau, Josh

Josh Brandau

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